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I have been using NadaChairs for over 25 years - bought my first one in Harvard Square at a street fair and now use the S'port Backer anywhere I have to sit for long periods e.g. at my desk, on long plane rides, in the movie theater, in restaurants, camping, at my kids sports events . . . . My scoliosis, sciatic pain, and my short stature make most chairs and sofas that other people use a misery for me. Before I had a NadaChair I could not sit on the ground for a picnic or to play with my kids. There is nothing else guaranteed to allow me to sit in comfort. When I get in my NadaChair, I'm always thinking, if not actually saying out loud, an "aahhh" of relief. I have given many as gifts, and the recipients still thank me, even years later. Dear Nada Chair Gods and Goddesses, please don't ever stop making these - they are essential to my well-being . . . . Thank you, thank you!



"The crew members of the Shuttle liked the Back-Up for relieving micro-G induced back pain."
Marsha Ivins, NASA Astronaut









Oh, my aching back! Now comes the Back-up that ensures proper posture. Used by physicians to help back pain sufferers learn better posture


One of the most comfortable means of sitting that I have experienced


Without the Nada-Chair, I would not be able to sit for more than 10 minutes at my computer because of back pain. Thank you so much for the wonderful product! It has been a lifesaver.