Since 1985, NadaChair has been producing a patented line of back support systems designed to use your body to support itself. We are in the business of easing and preventing back pain. No matter how much time you spend each day sitting or driving, you will find something here to make your life more healthy and comfortable.

Our products are versatile and portable enough to have been used in NASA astronauts in space. And while scientific studies have shown them to be more effective than others that cost thousands more, our products are priced within everyone’s reach.

All our products are manufactured to the highest standards both materially and ethically. We proudly continue a business relationship with the same overseas manufacturer into our third decade. Why? In spite of competitive quotes from other manufacturers who cut corners to cut cost, we will not compromise the standards demanded by our Code of Conduct.

Because of the demonstration nature of our products, they are primarily available by ordering on this website or through purchases at trade and consumer shows internationally.