MacWorld Video Intro

This video montage was shot and edited by James Seligman who, with his colleague,John Hanes (in the blue polo shirt and ActiVest in the opening sequence), helped developed early marketing strategies for NadaChair.

The scene is MacWorld 2000. MacWorld was Mecca for the “think different” crowd where NadaChair framed its products as the cure for terminal sitters. Attendees were enjoined to “back up their discs with user-friendly softwear.” And sales were always brisk thru the decade that NadaChair exhibited. Mac Users’ enthusiasm was rewarded by special product offerings: Mac rainbow straps, MacBack followed by iBack. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and always the early adopter, owns his share of NadaChair products.

NadaChair is the ultimate “friendly product”: once discovered, it’s bound to be shared. In that respect, the company was founded decades before its time. Unfortunately, all its products have a counter-intuitive appearance making them difficult to sell without a demonstration. For that reason, the power of its market punch would have to wait 30 years until the “friendly product” could finally meet “social media”.