Bye bye back pain! Now comes BackRx© –Nada-Chair’s most flexible comfort aid to ward against low back pain. Loops made of doubled 3-inch elastic comfortably loop your knees and traverse your lumbar spine keeping you effortlessly upright.



The BackRx works as an augmentative support for existing seat backs, for example, in airlines and cars or on your sofa at home. In short, any time you are reaching for a pillow to stuff behind your low back, the BackRx is a better solution. Think of the BackRx as your travel partner so you can leave your adjustable support at the computer at work or home.

The BackRx provides a great assist in the canoe or on the stands by multiplying the effect of the muscles that work for good posture. While both the elastic and non-elastic versions stimulate the core muscles to keep good posture, the BackRx additionally recruits the hip flexors to help stabilize the pelvis while sitting.

For those whose occupation requires leaning forward–dental hygienists, manicurists–the BackRx provides the additional benefit of following you when you lean forward or back. It also easily retracts to conveniently stay in place on your back when you are up-and-down.

Finally, if you have automatic transmission, you can safely drive with the BackRx by slipping your right leg out of the loop. The leg is free to operate the gas and brake while the back support is maintained by the left leg.


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