Gamer Special (BackUp + Rx + Curble Combo)


BACKPAIN DOESN’T KILL, IT TORTURES. The enjoyment of any pass time is diminished in direct proportion to the irritation, distraction, and unavoidable strain that arises when the body isn’t comfortable. And truth be told, sitting can be a pain in the a$$. NadaChair is in the business of fixing the problems that all chairs create by leaving you to slouch. Bottomline: CHAIRS DON’T WORK.

Here we offer three accessories that can work in any situation to solve the slouch at its source. In combination, the products feel like a miracle. They’re small, travelable and completely versatile so they can be used for driving or at your computer. And for the price of a good pair of headsets, you can get all three.

As the old saying goes: “You’re only as old as your back.” So make sure you protect your back by maintaining healthy posture whenever you sit.

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Different applications require different tools. And Gamers have to be sitting specialists to succeed. Whether operating on a sofa or on a computer chair, you can maximize your range of comfort with our Gamer Special. The combination of our best-selling products also guarantees the lowest price for the three individual products in the combo. Instead of paying $200, you can order the Combo and get a Navy BackUp, and an Orange BackRx and the Curble support for only $129.99 including shipping. A little-known secret is that the products can be used together so that a wider span of your back is supported while your postural range of motion is perfectly controlled.


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