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Pediatric physicians and physical therapists are among the first to recommend our KiddyUp to parents who want to correct their child’s postural problems (read why below). If school had ergonomically designed chairs, we wouldn’t have so many back problems later in life. KiddyUp promotes a healthy backs for life.

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The Kiddy-Up includes a child-sized SportBacker PLUS a short pair of Stretch Straps for easy long-sitting and stretching hamstrings. The Stretch Straps allow children of any age to stretch or sit comfortably erect anywhere … crosslegged or in chairs. The Kiddy-Up is now only available in Navy color without rainbow straps. (The youngest of the kids photographed for this page is now 21 years old. Since then we discontinued all but the best-selling Navy.)

NOTE: For parents of children with disabilities, therapists recommend using the Kiddy-Up to aid in stretching children’s hamstrings. Because this job (that usually requires two helpers) can be done by one parent, it is more likely to get done more regularly.


SIZE: The KiddyUp will fit if:

  • Sitting in a Chair-your child is 48 inches or less from knee-to-knee measuring around the low back.
  • Long-Sitting on Ground-your child is 80 inches or less from foot-to-foot measured around the low back.

If your child has outgrown the KiddyUp, they are ready for the S’portBacker or SlouchBuster which will fit them through adulthood. These do not include Stretch Strap accessories that must be ordered separately. (Click “Accessories” on Products page)

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Strap Color

Navy, Rainbow (out of stock)

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  1. Tanja

    I used Kiddy-Up when my son was small to assist in his long-sitting to stretch his hamstrings. His therapist recommended it. It was very easy to use and very effective. Staff were easy to chat with and helped me whenever I had questions.

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