Those who suffer back pain from slouching on canoe seats, fishing boat seats, camping chairs, stadium seats or in tree stands hunting are guaranteed instant back pain relief from Nada-Chair’s lower back supports. Use as a meditation tool for improving posture while sitting cross-legged for yoga.

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The S’portBacker is approximately one half the size of our “super” BackUp and can be thought of as BackUp “lite”. While it harnesses exactly the same way and can fit both large and small body types, the S’portBacker targets the low back more narrowly with a back pad that is six inches high.

For those of small or medium body build, the S’portBacker provides an optimum balance between comfort and function. The S’portBacker is small enough to fit in any journey bag so, like the BackRx, it can be used for long flights instead of the pillows provided by the airlines.

There’s no need to be victimized by poorly designed chairs at work, at home or while traveling. Any time you wish, you can upgrade your S’portBacker with accessory CushShins ($17) and Stretch Straps ($17).

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