What if it doesn’t work for me?

Nada problem! We know that our products must be tried to be appreciated. Hence we appreciate all who care enough to try. To boost your confidence, we offer a 30-day, think-about-it guarantee so anyone can test how our products will work for their specific applications.

If during this trial period, you decide to return the product, please contact us to receive an RMA. With this, we can likely refund your purchase within a day of receiving the return.

You will typically be refunded the total paid minus $9 to cover our outbound shipping cost. Atypical exceptions: In the case of a partial return–say, one of two items–you will likely get the full purchase price of the item returned. In the case of a single return of a bulky item–say, an ActiVest–the outbound shipping deduction will be marginally higher.

Now, if you are in doubt about which product might be best for your application–a common dilemma in choosing between our elastic or non-elastic productsbuy both and expect a full refund on the item you might decide to ship back.

Toll-free: 1-800-722-2587 or Email:

We did the thinking. The rest is up to you.